Friday/ Bing in China

No, not Bing Crosby, Bing the Microsoft search engine.   The picture is from and is of the Langshan Mountains (Wolf Mountains) in Hunan province.    I noticed one of my Chinese colleagues pasting an e-mail into the Bing language translator.    (Of course there is Google Translator as well).

Just for fun I pasted something I would fire off in an e-mail into the Translator.  I suspect the English comes out translated in Chinese in a similar way it does in Afrikaans : the translator struggles with nailing the right technical terms but brings across the key points of the statement.

English Business area should be a required field on the Functional Location record so that the financial functions on the work order can work properly.

Chinese (Simplified) 营业面积应在功能定位记录,以便对工作秩序的金融功能可以正常工作所需的字段。

Afrikaans Besigheid gebied moet ‘n vereiste veld op die Funksionele Plek rekord so dat die finansiële funksies op die werk om goed te kan werk.

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