Thursday/ Scrabble anyone?

Scrabble is one of the few games I loaded so far on my iPhone.  I play it on the bus that takes us to work and back, and I play against the phone’s little brains.    I would say the phone cheats sometimes, with words such as REEARNED and QWERTYS,  but then I instruct it to help me : ).     FLAMINGO and CANISTER are my 7-letter words .. two in one game is very nice to get.   The phone is very tactful : you never lose (loo-ser!), the phone finishes ‘first’ and you ‘finish second’.      I haven’t tried to find a player over the internet, or even someone to play on the phone.  (Two persons with two phones can also play with a shared board on each of the phones).   Very nice.

Here is a short list explaining some if the unusual words on the board.

PEPLA- pl. of peplum, a flounce or short, flared flap attached at the waist of a dress, blouse, coat
URANIAS – pl. of urania, uranium dioxide
BUNCO – a game played with dice
QWERTYS  – pertaining to a keyboard having the keys in traditional typewriter arrangement


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