Here is my first iPhone picture .. a picture of me.  Why not of me? 🙂   The phone can take pictures from the front or from the back, and the shutter is really snappy, which is great.  I think it takes 5 Mp pictures.   The quality is OK .. in this picture where the lighting was so-so one can already see some graininess in the background.   So far also I managed to set up my e-mail accounts on the phone, upload my favorite iTune songs, a few photos from my PC and I bought a copy of Scrabble from the Apps store (yes, I know I should get Angry Birds* but I love Scrabble).

*the juggernaut game from Finland; the player lops angry birds with a catapult to structures with little piggies in in order to get to them.  The banner is from the Rovio website.

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