Wednesday/ dinner in Dameisha

Two of our firm’s partners came by for a visit and therefore we had a team dinner.   When you’re as tangled up as I am in the details of an SAP system design, and you talk to the firm partner, you have to describe the problems you’re dealing with in terms upwards by two or three levels of abstraction.    Example : do not say ‘No more DEV*-300 client workbench transports should be allowed to the QAS*-800 client’ !    Say : we still need to complete the coding so that we can test the final system design.

*DEV is shorthand for Development and QAS for Quality Assurance.   The 300 and 800 clients are distinct copies of the SAP database.

The first picture of the Outlet Mall was taken a week ago.  The reflection looks better than the real thing.   I snapped the neon sign of the Meisha Hotel on the walk to my apartment last night.  It’s hard for me to walk by a bright red neon sign and not take a picture!

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