Thursday/ grocery store translation

Here is a picture of a local grocery store called Yun Tian Mei Shi Fang.  I can use the name to illustrate how difficult it is to read Chinese.  I first used the pinyun (second column, the written pronunciation) to look up the Chinese characters on-line.   But that only got me halfway there.

云         yún      (classical) to say

天         tiān       day; sky; heaven

美         měi       America; beautiful

食         shí       animal feed; eat; food

坊         fāng     subdivision of a city

So then I combined the 5 Chinese characters and pasted it into Google Translate from Chinese to English, and that gets us a little closer :

云天美食坊  translates as ‘Sky Gourmet Food’ .. so maybe the translated store name is ‘Heavenly Gourmet Food’?

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