Friday/ but not really Friday

.. because we have to work tomorrow.   The second round of system testing is scheduled to start in a week and it feels as if we have 3 weeks of work to do before then.

It reminds me of these words from a report about the 2010 Commonwealth Games :  “Two years before the Games, I had told the organizing committee that time was not your friend,” Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell told reporters after an October meeting of representatives in Delhi. “And now, one year before it, I say, time is your enemy.”

It feels to me that we are there : time is our enemy.  It rushes up at us, a week at a time and it never ever stops.   Pictures from this morning : Bright Oil company’s pipeline out to the ships, shops and restaurants in Da Peng close to where we work open early, new office building under construction nearby; and that’s a Starbucks orange juice I grabbed at Hong Kong airport when I came in Monday night.

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