Monday/ let the votes fall where they may

There it goes – my ballot for the 2010 Washington State Mid-term Elections – into the security envelope and into the mailing envelope.  It’s a paper ballot* and the marks get counted by an optical scanner.   *In spite of it being the year 2010.  Paper ballots will only go away when paper money goes away, I believe.

We will see if Washington State gets a State Income Tax (we’re one of 7 hold-out states in the union).  The net income from the tax is intended for education (70%) and health care (30%) .. it’s just that state legislatures are notorious for applying funds raised this way for different purposes.

We will also see on Nov 2 if California voters pass Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana!  (But it may be a storm in a teacup since there is still a federal law in place that makes owning it illegal, and federal law trumps state law per the US Constitution).

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