Sunday/ no wash-day Monday

My washing machine is on the fritz – it fills up, washes but then the drum doesn’t empty for the rinse cycle.   Time to get the Maytag man! (That would be to go to the local Sears store and schedule a repair appointment).   In 2007 Maytag held a national search for the advertising icon who fronts the brand.   The picture is of Clay Jackson, of Richmond, Virginia, who was selected out of 1,500 applicants.   While portrayed on television for the past 40 years as having nothing to do (since the appliances are so reliable!), the new Maytag Repairman role is a full-time position that includes multiple national television, radio, print and public appearances.    I have to confess I haven’t seen the new Maytag repairman on TV or in print, though.   I must be watching too little television, or the wrong channels.

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