Friday/ sorting through the mail (ugh)

I picked up my mail at the post office yesterday as usual.  Sorting through it is mostly an exercise in frustration.  For example, the 100 or so pieces include 8 credit card offers.  Stop it!  Offer loans to small businesses instead – not personal credit cards.  And since I’m not Michael Eisner I won’t have Mickey Mouse on my credit card.   But one has to open the letters up and shred the credit card application form which has one’s name and address filled out already – to thwart potential dumpster-diving identity thieves.    The rest of the junk mail are offers for car insurance, for unlimited nation-wide calling from my home phone (yes, I am home all the time and I blab on the phone all day with my aunt in Peoria, Illinois), and charities that want m-o-n-e-y.   I actually do give the World Wildlife Fund some.  Their latest effort is a drive to increase awareness of illegal trade in tiger products – a big problem in China as well.

P.S.  And the typhoon? It made landfall quite a bit north and east of where the Daya Bay power station is (in Zhangpu county), passed north of Hong Kong and is now dissipating.  It brought widespread rain but no casualties were reported.

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