Tuesday night/ in Dameisha

I made it in .. my journey was off to a rough start with a bee-atch of a headache on the Seattle-San Francisco flight, but after I took some Advil that took care of it.   (I have a mini drugstore in my computer bag).   Then I lucked out and got upgraded to first class for the long flight to Hong Kong, and boy, did I use that seat to just lie back and snooze.  I needed it.

The border crossing into mainland China is always a little chaotic, and my colleague and I walked through separate from our driver, who used the vehicle crossing.   We lost him for 20 mins or so, but he found us.

The alphorn picture is from a Toblerone chocolate display stand at Hong Kong airport.   The alphorn has natural harmonics (unlike the vuvuzela!) and can actually produce melodious sounds in the hands of a alphornist.

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