Sunday/ pizza and apple ‘juice’

More walking around Dameisha today; cleaned my apartment, and got some work done as well.

I saw that the LA* Waterfront hotel is sporting the same dragon arch than the ones I saw at the beach yesterday.  It could be because of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival .. I will post something about that soon.  *Really not sure if it’s LA as in Los Angeles, California.

The Hawaiian pizza is from the Pizzahut in the entertainment complex Outside Chinatown here in Dameisha.  It tasted OK, but the toppings are a little skimpy – not?   And the apple ‘juice’ burned my throat.  Man! Can it be that sweet? I thought – then saw on the back of the bottle it is apple vinegar, more popular here than the juice.   I added an equal part of water, and then I could drink it.

Finally, the paper document with the 50 on is the foreign tax receipt for the pizza.  We didn’t ask for it, I suppose they gave us to us because we look  – um – foreign : ).

¥50 is equal to not quite US$8,  so I doubt I will pursue the payback of $1 by searching out the tax office at Hong Kong airport !  I love the geometric patterns on the note, though – and on banknotes in general.  It brings back fond memories of a childhood toy called Spirograph with which one can draw graphic patterns similar to these.

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