Tuesday/ unhappy 30th anniversary..

.. of the eruption at Mt St Helens (archive photo below).  The eruption occurred at 8.32am on May 18th, 1980.  57 people were killed and the ash plume went up to 80,000 ft, encircling the earth in 15 days.  Strangely the reports today mention nothing about it disrupting air travel the way the Iceland volcano still does.  Maybe the Mt St Helens ash was very high (commercial aircraft fly at 30,000 – 40,000 ft), maybe everyone back then was blissfully unaware of the potential dangers of the ash?  I’m just speculating.

I ran more errands today, bought a short-sleeve shirt for work in China (don’t have enough of those), checked out the iPad at the Apple store (very nifty, but more than one person remarked ‘I thought it would be bigger’) and checked in at a store that sells bookshelves (we call them book cases here in the USA, for my South African readers!).  Of course they can only deliver it when I am away again.

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