Saturday/ a coincidence

Life is strange .. I flipped open the TIME magazine this afternoon that landed in my mailbox, and lo and behold : of all the properties the Starwood company could advertise in my TIME magazine this week, they picked the Sheraton Hotel in Dameisha, China. My aptment is 1/4 mile from the hotel, and the concierge there sells me the bus ticket to go to Hong Kong.   It’s a gorgeous property, on the beach and well-kept.  I took the picture below in January.  I can definitely recommend the hotel but the surroundings is not nearly as great as say – that of the Sheraton on Nathan Road in exciting Tsim Sha Tsui area in downtown Hong Kong!  But then a visitor to Hong Kong instead of Dameisha would not be able to walk over to my place for a TsingTao beer! .. aww.

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