Wednesday/ ready for the Escape from Alcatraz

Take a look at this Hong Kong subway picture.    Remember the controversy over the ages of the girl gymnasts at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?   So how old are these girls in the picture?  1.  Hard to say.  2.  2016 is a long way off, and of course they only have to be the legal age at that time.     But are they really happy?  And will they look back much later and find out the hard work was worth it?

We are working a full day here until 6 pm but a van will take three of us to the Marriott Skycity tonight.  My mates will have cheeseburgers and I will have grilled salmon – just to get me tuned into the Pacific Northwest state of mind.   I would have been there already (in my mind) if it were not so hectic here at work.   It’s not a prison, of course !  but boy – it gobbles up time and energy that leaves me completely ready to just leave it all behind, and just say ‘See ya, you’re on your own for awhile’.

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