Tired of Hong Kong yet?  I hope not, because I am not!  I made it three for three weekends.  But fear not.  I will go home to Seattle on Thursday, stay there for a week, and the first weekend after I come back to China for my next trip,  I plan to go to Shanghai.

The pictures : Victoria harbor Waterfront from the Kowloon side and the Hong Kong Art Museum on the left; the Peninsula hotel partly obscured by the IMAX theatre in the same area – this is looking north towards Nathan Road; 7-11 truck leaving after delivering refreshments to the store in the Mong Kok area; the Langham Place mall right there is all steel and stone and glass; artwork by famous Chinese avant garde artist Wang Guangyi; back on Nathan Road the Chinese banyan trees brush up against the storefront structures; little respite area in Kowloon Park was a very welcome break from the teeming masses on the street;  the public swimming pool was surprisingly empty, but it may be because it just opened for summer (it’s not free, and has locker rooms and everything – it’s on my list for next time!); modeling my new Umbro soccer shirt (yes, it’s an England shirt, they didn’t have the South African shirt in the Asian XL size that I am).   The Kowloon Hotel’s rooms where I stayed was all of 300 sq ft (30 sq m) so it was quite snug.  But the hotel is cheap and RIGHT BEHIND the Peninsula Hotel and in a really great location :  the lower floors form the Seibu department store, with a Starbucks in the basement.   And the bell boys wear white pill box caps, which makes one feel very – colonial.   Hmm.  And is it OK to feel colonial?

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