Monday/ a few little food items

I discovered the Sogo department store’s food section in the basement of their store on Saturday in Hong Kong, but it was so crowded with people and the check-out line so long.  So when I spotted the cash only-5 items only line that was short, I grabbed the 5 items from left to right : )  .. 10 liquid packets of Miso soup concentrate (just add boiling water); a tin of loose-leaf jasmine tea with Japanese caramels on top of it, pear jam also from Japan and ta-dah! black sesame seed dessert mix.   The second picture is the back of that package .. looks easy enough : add milk and heat, put in the fridge to cool and then when it comes out the ground black sesame seed will have settled on the bottom (or does it float on top? I guess I will find out! ).

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