Thursday/ another wedding, and lunch

Today’s lunch : noodles with peppers, cabbage, a giant dumpling and yogurt.   I’m sure my readers know noodles are an essential ingredient and staple Chinese food.  Did the Chinese ‘invent’ noodles?  Yes, that certainly seems to be the case.  In October 2005, the oldest noodles yet discovered in the world were found in Qinghai, China, at the Lajia archaeological site, during excavation of a Neolithic  Qijia culture settlement along the Yellow River.   The 4,000-year-old noodles appear to have been made from foxtail millet and broomcorn millet.  Today, millet  is not a commonly used ingredient in Chinese noodles.

A second Chinese team member got married and everyone here got to receive another little candy gift.  The first wedding was back in January – the little box with the teddy bear.

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