Sunday/ at Seattle-Tacoma airport

The horse with jockey picture is from the Emerald Downs racetrack here in the Seattle area where my friends and I went to check out the horse races yesterday.   I bet a total of $21 and won $5.25 on the races .  ( I suppose I should keep my day job,  right?).

The street sign I saw on my walk in the neighborhood by my house had a nice cobweb with dew drops (which might be hard to see on the smaller picture).    As I turned to cross the street a guy on a bicycle almost crashed into me.   The street was eerily quiet, and so I didn’t even look up to check it was safe to cross.    I’m sure that would have put a dent in my travel plans out today!  Check and double check before crossing !

So here I am at Sea-Tac airport, ‘roughing’ it before I step onto Cathay Pacific in Vancouver.     I have no ‘status’ (as frequent flyers call it) on Alaska Airlines or Cathay Pacific, so when I walked up to the security line I had to join a line with oh, a 100 people.  Then I thought I’d check the other security point because I know all security points gets you to all the departure terminals and sure enough, there were THREE people in line at the other one.    Once inside though, I have no business class lounge access, so I’m in the main dining/ shopping hall with the huge window overlooking the tarmac.

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  1. I love the photo of the window at SeaTac.

    Sorry about those Candians detaining you for 1 hour. I may just protest and quit playing hockey.


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