Friday/ at the office

I’m making an appearance at the office today .. got to pick up some spare adapters for my teammates and take care of an expense report or two.    The first picture is close to my house, the little green leaves sprouting from the trees and the air crisp and cool in contrast to the warm and muggy air I’m going to on Sunday again.    The second one is on the way to downtown on Pine Street.   The Bauhaus coffee shop is a good non-Starbucks place to tune out over a book with a cup of coffee and looks a lot older than its 1993 start date.     Of course once I arrived at work I had to get my double tall soy vanilla latte here at one of THREE Starbuckses in the building : ), surveying the 8.00 am crowd waiting for their caffeine fixes along with me to get made –  and appreciating that I could understand all the chatter and buzz going on around me, cultural references included.    Come Monday I’ll be as dumb as a doorknob again among the Chinese people in the restaurant and in public !   I need to learn to speak Chinese, but where to find the time?  Maybe on the bus-ride to work and back with my iPod.

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