OK .. so it is possible to go too far in search of one’s food preferences while in China.   It is not a good idea to buy a special freezer bag and put frozen (but raw) steaks in your checked luggage!  because that would turn out to be the one time the airline leaves your baggage behind.   So IF the steaks did not get confiscated by customs, they would likely be bloody and spoiled by the time it arrives in Dameisha, China !  (The bag has not arrived yet, and it wasn’t me that did that).  Eat your rice, your veggies and your noodles!  It’s good for you.

Anyone up for a visit to the dent clinic to fix up your dents? : )  .. picture taken in Shenzhen recently.

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  1. Hi Willem,

    I think you should have your dents cleaned at the Dent Clinic and report to us how good the service is and the cost.


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