Thursday afternoon 6pm in Seattle

Below is the Boeing 747-400 bird that brought us across the Pacific sitting patiently on the tarmac.  (Notice the phalanx of apartment buildings in the background?)  The flight and connection in San Francisco went fine; I made it in around 2pm to my house.  It was a beautiful day in Seattle, sunny with some clouds, 60° F (16 °C) and the trees on my street are full of spring blossoms.   I see construction has started in earnest on the light rail station here on Capitol Hill (where I live).  The newspaper says Starbucks is stuck in the crossfire for allowing guns in its stores. I am not sure if this was a change in the previous policy, or how the controversy came about.  (Gun ownership by citizens is illegal in all of China.)  I will have to catch up with the local and national news here !  And catch up with my sleep.

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