Friday/ the groceries have landed

My groceries were nicely packed; the milk & yogurt in plain paper bags were still cool to the touch. The ice cream was in a separate insulated bag. The fresh fruit were in recyclable produce bags. I’ll try to add a note to my next order to tell the picker/ packer not to use produce bags.

I ordered groceries from Amazon Fresh tonight, and they definitely have their logistics sorted out:
1. You get what you have ordered. If an item is out of stock the system tells you that when you order— not so with the Kroger/ QFC system.
(So would you prefer a smaller selection, and know what is available, and what not, or a much wider selection that is a little bit more hit-and-miss, such as Kroger’s)?
2. They have a two-hour delivery window, same as Kroger. As that window approaches, though, the online order status page shows a map with the driver’s whereabouts, and an updated timeframe for your delivery. Nice.
3. Delivery is free when ordering $35 or more (before sales tax). Oh, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to order, though. That’s $119 per year before sales tax.

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