Friday/ holding steady

The high infection numbers of July are coming down for Washington State, but are still far higher than April’s peaks.

Let me check what the pandemic numbers are for some counties in Washington State, I thought tonight.

Here are the results, courtesy of the New York Times.

King County (Seattle) seems to be holding steady at 7 or so, per 100 000. Schools & universities are not going to open— remote learning only. For schools to open the % of positive cases from testing should be below 5%, and that is still not the case for King County (and not for the vast majority of counties in the country).  P.S. Those orange spots are Chelan County at 36/ 100,000 and Grant County at 39/ 100,000.
Here’s Kittitas County that have had a jump up this week. A rate of 17 still compares well against counties in Florida and Texas that have numbers like 70, 100 or even 210.
And Kitsap County is looking really good with a low rate that seems to be decreasing.

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