Thursday/ my new mattress

The iSeriesĀ® Hybrid 500 Cushion Firm mattress with one of Serta’s googly-eyed sheep, used in the marketing of their mattresses. I suppose one would do well to fall asleep by counting only to sheep No 29! .. but even though counting sheep to doze off is popular in cartoons and folklore, it is not really used in real life as an aid to fall asleep.

I bought a new mattress on Wednesday, and it was delivered today.
It was high time to get a new one, even factoring in all the nights I did not sleep in my own bed over the years (but in a hotel while traveling for work).

My new sleeping pad is a fancy Serta hybrid mattress: layers of memory foam on a base of coiled springs.Ā  It is a little firmer than medium*, and I did try it out in the store before I bought it.

*My hotel room in Rotterdam during my recent stay there, had a soft mattress, and it felt as if I was trapped in quicksand.

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