Wednesday/ Alexa! talk to me

I have heard good things about the Amazon Echo and finally succumbed and ordered one. (It is due on my doorstep tomorrow). An Echo is a voice-command device that answers questions, puts events on one’s Google calendar, reads the calendar, and plays music from one’s on-line library, among other things.  I’m tempering my expectations a little, though.  I wonder if it will also say ‘Sorry you are having trouble’ (as Siri on my iPhone sometimes says).   What it cannot say, is ‘Here is what I found’, and just show a screen with search results. There is no screen.

Here are my first battery of test questions for Alexa*. (Poor Alexa).  Alexa! How fast is a cheetah?  Alexa! Where is Cape Town?  Alexa! Do you speak Afrikaans? Alexa!  Can you make me some coffee? (That would be a NO). Alexa! Where is the nearest Starbucks? Alexa! Will Donald Trump win the election?

*Alexa is how to summon the Echo.  If Alexa happens to be a person in the household, the Echo can be reprogrammed to respond to ‘Amazon’.


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