Visit to Wal-mart in Shenzhen

Well – what can I say? I was Alice and Wal-mart was a wonderland of  Chinese culture from food to marketing to clothing to houseware to electronics.     There we were, 15 of us dropped off with a little bus, looking for household items and weekend food for our apartments.   And did we load up that bus.   Wal-mart being what it is, the choices were cheap and enormous, and of course one found Kraft food products and Coke and Pepsi but there were still some surprises.   Dinner plates were hard to find since Chinese food is served up in bowls, and t-shirts were not plentiful at all.    The food was the most fascinating, from the wet area where one could catch one’s super-fresh seafood (yes, right there in the store – the way the staff did at the restaurant the other night), to teas of all kinds, but a limited selection of good coffee, candy but relatively few chocolate products, noodles of all kinds, milk tea, root vegetables, fresh ginger, eggplant and king-of-fruit.

Pictures from top to bottom :

Entrance/  shampoo for lovely luscious black hair/ dragonfly silk jacket/ cute-sy character humidifiers/ Look! I found some long-lost ‘Sugus’ candy from my childhood again!/ some eel for dinner?/ you get the whole chicken, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g/ lid on a lip-licking good sauce jar/ oodles of noodles in aisle 12

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