Friday/ this party is— over 😵

With 96% of the votes counted in South Africa’s national election of Wednesday, it is clear that the predictions (of the demise of the African National Congress majority) had become true, and then some.
The party that had once commanded 70% of the electorate’s support (in 2004), and still got 57% of the national vote in 2019, will now scrape in with barely 40% of the vote.
Yes, they still have the biggest share, but for the first time since South Africa became a full democracy in 1994, there will be a coalition government.

The African National Congress (ANC) still has widespread support, but not in the Western Cape province (DA 53%, ANC 21%), and not in KwaZulu-Natal province (M.K. 46%, ANC 18%).
M.K. is uMkhonto weSizwe, ex-president’s Jacob Zuma’s political party.
A coalition between the ANC and the Democratic Alliance (DA) may be the best for the country, but will the ANC be willing to make concessions, such as letting the DA be in charge of key national departments such as National Treasury, Health and and Home Affairs?
[Graphic from IEC dashboard at]

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