Sunday/ groceries 🍊

It was time for a grocery run today, and I picked Amazon Fresh to go to.
They had most of what I usually buy, but were just a little short on their selection of fresh vegetables.
That is not a problem— frozen vegetables are almost as good as fresh (I think).

Checking my car’s sentry alert system before I leave the Amazon Fresh parking garage. Just as I thought: I am the ‘imposter’ about to run into my car with the grocery cart. My car is not yet smart enough to recognize its owner approaching it— but I’m sure it will be at some point in the future.

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    1. Oh! I guess it recorded me because my phone was locked as I approached it. I read on a Tesla message board that maybe the car SHOULD record its owner every time when the owner approaches it and gets in. For example, if someone else approaches the car with bad intentions just as you are getting in, it would be good to have a recording of that.

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