Wednesday/ a Wale of a time 🐳

‘With football, I know it’s perhaps bad to say it, but you’ve got to have a drink, and you’ve got to have a good time as well’ said Tyrone Fowler, 28, a food delivery driver from Newport, South Wales, who was headed to Tenerife this week. ‘It’s about building the atmosphere.’
– Jack Williams reporting for the NYT

Wales has only ever qualified for two World Cups: in 1958 and this year, 2022. The trip to Qatar and the related expenses were too just much for many fans, so a large contingent has decamped to sunny Tenerife* at around a quarter of the cost, reports the New York Times.

*Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa.

Wales fans in Tenerife, decked out in the country’s red jerseys and bucket hats and draped in dragon-crested flags, all of it underscoring the supporters’ nickname: The Red Wall. The national anthem is ‘Yma o Hyd’, a folk song released by the nationalist singer Dafydd Iwan in the 1980s that translates to ‘Still Here’.
Wales tied 1-1 with the USA on Monday.
[Photograph by Laura León for the NYT]

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