Monday/ packing my bags 🇦🇺

Here we are in October of 2022, and the time has finally come for my first post-Covid international trip. I have one bout of Covid (in June) and five vaccine shots under the belt. And I have my flu shot for when I come back to the United States.

Yes, I am taking my vaccine card, and I have a QR-code for it on my phone, but neither New Zealand (a transit stop) nor Australia (my final destination) require quarantine, health forms to be filled out or even proof of vaccination. Nada.

I will certainly take my mask to the airport and onto the airplane, so that I can put it on if I feel uncomfortable, or if I have to go to the confined space of the airplane lavatory.

I leave tomorrow night (Tuesday), with stops in San Francisco and in Auckland, New Zealand. Final destination Brisbane, Australia.  My flights will take me west and south, across the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean and across the international date line. There’s Hawaii to the left of the flight path (top image), and then it’s on to New Zealand’s North Island for a stop at Auckland. Then on to Brisbane, in Australia’s state of Queensland.
[Images of Earth generated by Google Earth]

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