Wednesday/ homeless in Seattle

I noticed tonight that the dozen or so tents that had been in Seven Hills Park on 16th Ave and Howell, are gone. (Probably have been for a while).

I hope our new mayor (Mayor Bruce Harrell) is making headway with his plans to get homeless people out of the parks and green spaces and into shelters or homes.
It is an intractable problem. (In computer science, these are problems for which there exist no efficient algorithms to solve them).

A count from 2020 showed that our city of 750,000 people have some 11,700 homeless among us (half of which are in shelters or in emergency housing, and the other half unsheltered on the street or in tents and such).

The little green space called Seven Hills Park on 16th Avenue & Howell St is ‘Temporarily Closed’ says the sign. The soil is fertilized, and I’m sure the bare spots will fill in with grass soon. The signboard for the park that used to be by the black trash can, is missing.
On a utility pole just a few blocks down on 16th Avenue, there is this sign, weather-proofed and all. It’s a vast oversimplification of the affordable housing issue, and options that are already available to the homeless. I will just leave it at that.

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