Thursday/ the Mu███r Rep█rt is out██

The redacted Mueller report is out, and .. it confirms what we already know, with more details. Trump stonewalled and ultimately refused to be interviewed by Mueller. Trump lied to the public. His campaign staff lied to Mueller.  Mueller could not get to all the key evidence to prove obstruction of justice, and a conspiracy with the Russians. It was unavailable, encrypted or probably deleted or shredded (so much for the Presidential Records Act).

It’s now clear that Attorney-General Barr from the Dept of Justice is acting as Trump’s personal lawyer (he is not, and he should not).

It also looks as if the calculus of the Democrats to not call for impeachment until they know they will succeed in the Senate, is unchanged. Trump should be impeached, let’s just be clear about that – but maybe the Trumpkins (that used to be Republicans) deserve him as an albatross around their neck, all the way to the 2020 elections.

Here is a page from the Mueller Report (the blue highlight is mine) where it is explicitly pointed out that Congress can criminalize unacceptable conduct by the President (that would be Trump), because the US Constitution actually says so.
And here is a page with lots of redactions. ‘Harm to Ongoing Matter’ is one type of redaction. The others are ‘Personal Privacy’, ‘Investigative Technique’ and ‘Grand Jury’ (ongoing grand jury investigations into related matters). It looks like Congress is going to have to subpoena the Dept of Justice to get the full report. Is AG William Barr committing obstruction of justice by not giving Congress the full report? The law is an ass and this is a mess.

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