Monday/ to San Francisco, one more time

There was no sign of snow as I left my house this morning at 5 am, but then as we boarded the plane at Seattle-Tacoma airport a few snowflakes mixed in with the light rain, came down.  The pilot said he could still get us out there without needing to call for a de-icing of the wings of the plane.   I work in the city office for my final week on the project (yay!), and is cold here in San Francisco as well.

The Salesforce Tower on Mission St still needs a lot of work! .. but getting there, I suppose.

There was a terrible tragedy in Oakland across the Bay over the weekend : a fire raged through a converted warehouse with apartments and and an entertainment area, and more than 30 people perished in the blaze.
Here’s the scene at the bottom of Powell Street where it meets market. The cable cars are still running, there are still plenty of tourists on the streets – and homeless people as well, some wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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