Saturday/ sane to Snowden

Here is a set of panels from Bloomberg Businessweek that outline the ‘state of the art’ of measure that one can take to be secure on-line.  There is a new Jason Bourne movie out, and I’m sure some of what’s described in here will feature in it. I guess if you are Edward Snowden, you have your audio jammer and bug scanner, you go all cash, run Tails (no Windows! or Mac OS!), wear sunglasses all the time in public.  Man! If you”re not paranoid before taking all these measures, they are sure to get you there. And does it help? As Joseph Heller of Catch-22 fame said: ‘Just because you’re paranoid, it does not mean that nobody is tracking you’.  Even so – I guess I will try to stop using wi-fi at the airport, change my passwords more often, and clear my browser cookies from time to time. IMG_5231 smIMG_5232 smIMG_5233 smIMG_5234 smIMG_5235



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