Wednesday/ how government poisoned the people of Flint

One would think that what happened in Flint, Michigan, the last 18 months or so, is surely out of the question, and just not possible in the United States of America.  But check out this recent article in the The Flint Journal that chronicles the series of bad decisions, bad governing and utter lack of care for the well-being of people, that resulted in the lead poisoning of the residents of Flint – and particularly its most vulnerable ones : young children.

1-27-2016 9-14-49 PM
The Flint River’s water is polluted, and was not treated properly prior to pumping it into the service lines to Flint’s homes.
1-27-2016 9-15-31 PM
Some service lines are entirely made of lead, and some have lead solder in.
Check out the shocking levels of lead contamination that was found in the Flint water supply.

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