Friday/ what’s good for Massachusetts is not good for the United States?

The US Supreme Court on Thursday upheld President Obama’s near-universal healthcare law.   Below is Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney on Japan’s NHK TV on Thursday vowing nonetheless to repeal it ‘on Day 1 when I am in office’.  And so all the political pundits look forward to him explaining why he is denouncing the federal law – now upheld by the Supreme Court – that is almost identical to the one he championed as governor of the state of Massachusetts.  The US Supreme Court held that per the Constitution the US government can tax its citizens, also as a penalty for not signing up for health insurance.  Meanwhile, on Tuesday in Japan, Prime Minister Noda pushed through legislation (that still has to be ratified) to double the national sales tax from 5% to 10% starting in 2015 in an effort to reduce Japan’s national debt.

P.S. Tropical storm Doksuri tracked further south of Hong Kong and only brought wind gusts and some rain to us here in Dameisha

NHK TV used the news clip of the US Supreme Court announcement to explain ‘constituional’ and ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘uphold’.






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