Thursday/ 收费 for the Yanba Expressway

Our bus is approaching the toll booth for the Yanba Expressway on the way back to Dameisha from the offices at Daya Bay.   收费 ‘Pay toll’ says the big yellow lettering on the road surface.  (As far as I can tell the car is a Ford Focus ‘Classic’ .. an older model of the Ford Focus that is sold new in China. Ford announced in April that it would build a $760 million assembly plant in Hangzhou, two weeks after announcing another $600 million plan to expand an assembly plant in Chongqing, and less than six weeks after completing a third assembly plant in Chongqing.   But they are a little late to the party enjoyed by General Motors, since car sales in China increased only by about 2.5% last year after a decade of 10%+ growth every year.)

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