Saturday/ first snow on Fuji-san富士山

Mount Fuji watchers report that the first snow came one day earlier than last year, about 7 days earlier than on average.  (Picture from the TV here).    Mt Fuji is a very symmetrical stratovolcano mountain.  Other such mountains are of course Washington State’s Mt Rainier, and Kilimandjaro in Africa.

Here’s how the numbers stack up for the three mountains.

Mt Fuji 3,776 m 12,388 ft last eruption 1707
Mt Rainier 4,392 m 14,411 ft last eruption 1894
Mt Kilimandjaro 5,895 m 19,341 ft none in recorded history

And hey – I have a Mt Fuji in my wallet as well : the back of a ¥1,000 note (that’s about US$13).

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