Thursday/ Rebecca (1940)

Yes, a movie that I stumbled on to tonight the way I sometimes do on TV, and I had to watch it to the end : about a woman who marries a widower but fears she lives in the shadow of her predecessor.  It is one of the first Alfred Hitchcock masterpieces with two very handsome romantic leads in Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine, and it garnered the Best Picture statue at the 1941 Academy Awards.  It’s black and white and I’d consider buying it for my fledgling Blu-ray collection of movies, but it’s not yet out on Blu-ray.     I saw Blu-ray movies for $10 at the grocery store on Tuesday.  A young woman checking them out as well asked ‘What is Blu-ray?’ It’s a new format and you need a special player for them, I said.  (And thought : you evidently never ever go to the video store to rent movies).

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