Friday in Hong Kong

In the first picture I pose with those same cumulus clouds I saw from my hotel room earlier – this time  from The Peak’s observation deck.   (The clouds seem to look down and laugh at the so-called skyscrapers far below).   After dinner I went for a walk-about in Central district on Hong Kong Island.    Those are the tops of the Bank of China building, the Citibank building and the HSBC building.   The stone lion is from the front of another bank building nearby and that’s a lion cub under the lion’s paw.   ‘The Stool Pigeon‘ is a new locally -made movie that started showing, about the police and informants.  (See the reflection of the name of a famous South African diamond company in the picture?).     Then I went over to Kowloon and stalked this Lamborghini in the late-night traffic on foot until I could take a picture of it.   Moments later the light turned green and it was gone with a roar.

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