Wednesday/ put your thinking cap on

Actually, your thinking hat – and pick a color.

The training course I attended at work today, meant to sharpen up our thinking, mentioned Edward de Bono’s six hats.  Six different ways to think about a problem, that is.   Which one is your favorite way of thinking?

White hat – Facts & Information
Red hat – Feelings & Emotions
Black hat – Negatives
Yellow hat – Positives
Green hat – New Ideas
Blue hat – The Big Picture .. P.S. and click the picture below to make it bigger !

Friday/ a pause in the battle

I wanted to post a ‘happy’ picture, couldn’t find any in my picture library.  So I picked this one instead !  from a comic book I bought on a previous trip to Hong Kong.   Yes, printed comic books are still alive and well, and the artwork in them is beautiful.

I am very sure these horsemen are not getting ready to battle a snowstorm of e-mails,  wall-to-wall meetings and items that need attention ASAP, but hey – I feel I am one of them.   Now where’s my horse and my sword?  Giddyup!