Friday/ hydrangea

I came back yesterday to find the hydrangea on my front lawn in full bloom.  We call them krismisrose (Eng. Christmas roses) in South Africa – I’m not sure why.  I slept OK last night; took a 3mg melatonin tablet before going to bed.  Sometimes jet lag really sets in only on the 2nd and 3rd day after arriving, though – so I will only then know if it helped.

Monday’s gone

It’s a long day if after 11 hrs at work, you still have to go to a 2 hr dinner.    The dinner was OK and we had some good conversation that was not about work, though.    NO SHOP TALK! as we say.   And hey,  I’m going home on Thursday,  so one of the t-shirts from a Hong Kong street market is what I will wear in Seattle.    Shorts and t-shirt, just right for Seattle’s summer.

Wednesday/ over the hump

What a day at work .. but it’s over and hey! Friday is coming up.  Guess where I’m going this weekend?   Right : to the Fragrant Harbor (that is of course Hong Kong, the English name derived from two Chinese characters Heung and Gong ).

These snacks are the ones I grabbed at the grocery store tonight :  Italian Meat flavored chips, a Sam Miguel beer, dried pineapple, peanut brittle with black sesame seeds and Miso soup.   And of course peanut m&ms.  (No, I didn’t eat all of the snacks, only some).