Monday/ are you.. wearing your pajamas?

Hydrogen’s Tattoo Tech design. Retail price US$105.



Here’s Hungarian Márton Fucsovics in action at the French Open today, in Italian clothing brand Hydrogen’s bold design for men, called Tattoo Tech.

Márton Fucsovics in his Hydrogen Tattoo Tech outfit today. He beat Frenchman Geoffrey Blancaneaux 6-2 6-4 6-4 to go through to the second round. Players can earn a lot of money from clothing sponsorships⁠— up to US$ 1 million a year, and even more for top-ten players. In my opinion the shirt is wild enough, and plain black —or white— shorts would have worked better. 
[Picture tweeted by Roland-Garros@rolandgarros on Twitter]

Friday/ more soft-soled shoes

I did not need new tennis shoes right now, but I bought two more pairs from my local tennis store, nonetheless (Avanti Sports on NE 45th St).

I really don’t want them to go bust, because they string my tennis racquets. Besides, these Adidas shoes are shockingly hard to find anywhere online. They are regularly sold out at the Adidas store itself, as well. 

Adidas Sole Court Boost, is the name of these tennis shoes (I paid $129 per pair). I like the herringbone pattern on the sole. The size 9s fit my feet perfectly. There is extra padding in the sole, and a little edge on the outside to provide support for side-to-side movement on the court. World No 3 Dominic Thiem likes to play with the white ones with the pink soles.

Monday/ success, with a sweater

I ordered another Banana Republic sweater online.
This one fits me very well, and it’s a keeper.

Sweater in fine merino wool, with pockets and hidden full-length zipper. I could choose between grey and black. Grey is neutral and versatile. Black is much more formal and powerful and (to me), just does not go as well with earthy colors.

Thursday/ check those choppers

So .. what was I up to Thursday?  Had my hair cut, had my ‘chompers checked’ (well, cleaned and checked) at the dentist, with the next one already scheduled for September.  The hygienist that was assigned to me talked non-stop, and of course I just say hmm and hm-mm.  She volunteered to clean the Seattle Zoo’s gorilla’s teeth as well but said several other volunteers were already lining up !    I also bought up two new short-sleeve shirts for work, trying to make sure they are dressy enough.   I’m not used to wearing short sleeves for work, but it’s going to become uncomfortably hot and humid in Daya Bay very soon.

Tuesday in Seattle

So how about modeling a nice Puma shirt I got in Hong Kong? (only US$20). Like it?  I have always liked the jumping puma logo.  The best part is the clothing labels that come with it ..  ‘Designed and constructed for the fit and comfort of the Asian body .. evidently I have an extra-large Asian body !

And then the little advisements on the red label :  Love Your Neighbor/ Eat More Greens/ Cheer Up It Might Never Happen/ Wash This When Dirty  : )