Monday/ the Republic’s first stamps

Here’s the first definitive series of stamps issued for the Republic of South Africa.
This is the original set that was issued in 1961.
Slightly updated versions of the stamps with redrawn images and fonts for the lettering were subsequently issued and printed until 1973, when the set was retired.

Republic of South Africa, First Definitive Series, 1961
½c Natal Kingfisher, 1c Coral Tree flowers, 1½c Afrikaner bull
Pouring gold, 2½c Groot Constantia, 3c Crimson-breasted Shrike
5c Boabab Tree, 7½c Maize, 10c Entrance to Castle, Cape Town
12½c Protea, 20c Secretary Bird
50c Harbour, Cape Town, R1 Bird of Paradise Flower

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