Monday/ dishwasher drama, Part 2 💦

Russian troops are using parts from dishwashers and refrigerators to fix their broken military equipment in Ukraine, a top U.S. official has said.
– Fortune magazine, May 12, 2022

It’s now a year later after I had last attempted— and failed— to procure the dishwasher of my choice.

I have now set my sights on a Bosch dishwasher.  The web page of the Lowe’s hardware store on Rainier Ave reported that they had several models in stock, and off we went. (Shout-out to B. who’s invaluable help I had enlisted).

We checked them out, and the quiet Series 800 one with the outside handle bar and hidden controls on top of the door, is definitely the one to get.
‘No. There is one on display, but none for sale anymore’, said the appliance person at Rainier Lowe’s. Six to 12 months lead time, and they have stopped taking orders for now.  We should check other Lowe’s stores for stock, and pounce on any we find. It looked like the store in Issaquah might have inventory. We gave them a call, but no luck. They have black ones, but my whole kitchen is stainless steel and the black will really look out of place).

Right then a guy with a Bosch logo on his shirt walked by (a Bosch representative). ‘Yes, these Series 800 machines are selling like hot cakes’, said the Bosch guy. They are made in North Carolina, but the stainless steel linings come from Ukraine. So: supply chain troubles.

He checked the Lowe’s website, said there seemed to be five machines at the North Seattle store on Aurora Avenue. I jumped on my phone, logged onto the North Seattle Lowe’s store website and ordered one on the spot.
Sure enough, it charged my credit card, and promised delivery on Thursday.

I should know by Thursday if I had ordered a phantom item or not!

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