Friday/ at the map store

Metsker Maps of Seattle on 1st Avenue is a candy store for map lovers.
I went there today to buy a map for my friend in South Africa.

Seattle Art Museum on the corner of 1st Ave and University Street.
Inside the store called Metsker Maps of Seattle.  This is a lovely set of trail maps for Washington State. I bought a Mount Rainier Wonderland trail map (tab middle right of the box).
Downtown had some foot traffic, but seems to be not quite back to business as usual.
A handful of tents of homeless people right at Westlake Center (ground zero for tourists after Pike Place Market), were cleared out just today. Some businesses around 2nd and 3rd Avenue are still boarded up (!). Colorful artwork on the boarded-up window always helps, though.
Here comes my train at Westlake Center for my short ride back to Capitol Hill.
Washington State and King County’s mask mandate for businesses is cancelled as of today, except for healthcare settings and for public transportation.
It will make no difference to me; I will still wear my mask to the grocery store and other indoor places for a while.

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