Thursday/ my vote is in (for Seattle mayor)

ANYWAY, even though the bad president isn’t sitting at the top of the ballot this year, the results of the November 2 election will determine the future of this bright little capitalist jewel that none of us can really afford to live in.
– The Election Control Board of the very progressive, ‘alternative’ online newspaper ‘The Stranger’

I filled out my little bubbles on my ballot for Seattle mayor and other officials, and walked it down to the drop box on Broadway yesterday afternoon.
I voted for the candidate that will I believe will try harder to clean up the graffiti and trash from the city’s streets, and that will not further gut the Seattle Police Department (‘defund the police’).

Graffiti at Republican and 15th Avenue. Unintelligible garbage.
A moose on a caboose. OK, I just wanted to say ‘caboose’. A moose on a U-haul truck. Saskatchewan Province in Canada has some 45,000 moose. We count our moose in Washington State’s northeast counties only in the hundreds (about 400).
I think the pink cosmos flowers on 11th Avenue brightens up the day for everyone that walks by.
I’m on Broadway, getting close to the drop box by Seattle Central College. The Ander North apartments offer studios, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, and sits literally on top of Capitol Hill light rail station. There are still plenty of open retail space the ground floor along Broadway in this building.
There goes the street car along Broadway, by Seattle Central College. (Little Saigon, in the Chinatown-International District, is the social, economic, and cultural hub of the Vietnamese community in the Puget Sound region).
Here we go again, with more graffiti to clean up, this on the reflection pool’s wall in Cal Anderson Park. The City did a great job to clean up Cal Anderson Park of graffiti, trash and illegal encampments, after a rough 2020. The park is right by what was the Capitol Hill Organized Protest/ Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

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