Friday/ watching US Open tennis

I watched most of the Djokovic-Zverev men’s semifinal match tonight— just not all the way to the end.
I could not get myself to watch Djokovic triumph over Zverev. No one can deny that the man plays great tennis, but I am not a fan of him otherwise.

Watching tennis on my 4K big-screen TV, popcorn and all. Alexander (Sacha) Zverev (Germany, 24) took the 1st and 4th sets, but lost in 5 sets against Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 34), in the end.
This is the streaming feed from the ESPN+ app on my TV. 
ESPN+ is a subscription video streaming service for sport, owned by Disney company.
It offers both live feeds and on-demand recorded sports events ($7 per month, unsubscribe at any time). It has been worth it to me 20 times over already, just for watching US Open tennis.

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