Wednesday/ stop cheating, Zoey!

I found a new version of Scrabble to play. I play against Zoey.
Zoey is a program, and I select her ‘Grand Master’ level. There is no point in playing her at any other level, is my reasoning.
Still, sometimes it really feels as if she cheats.
Examples: putting down 7 letters* for words such as GAZUNDER and spelling UMIAK as OOMIAK.
*Using all 7 letters earns the player a 50 point bonus.

Here is an explanation of the unusual words on the board (unusual for me⁠— my apologies for any insult rendered to the reader’s vocabulary):
GAZUNDER verb, informal, British: (of a buyer) lower the amount of an offer made on a property and accepted by (a seller) at the time of final negotiations, as in ‘the couple have just been gazundered in one of London’s most expensive areas’
TYEE noun, adjective: from Nootka Jargon tayi(s) < Nuu-chah-nulth tayi ‘elder’, ‘oldest son’, ‘older brother’, ‘senior’; allegedly resembles Inuktitut toyom ‘chief’
OOMIAK noun, from Inuit umiaq, variant spelling of ‘umiak’: an open boat made of a wooden frame covered with hide used especially by indigenous peoples of arctic Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and eastern Siberia
OE noun: a small island
NAV noun: short form of navigation
ODAH noun: a room in a harem
KEEVES noun, plural: a tub or vat especially for liquids (as a bleaching kier or dolly tub)
SETTS noun, plural: the den or burrow of a badger; also: the particular pattern of stripes in a tartan

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