Tuesday/ August leaves us parched

The gauge at Seattle-Tacoma airport recorded only 0.11 inches of precipitation for the month of August, far below the mean of 0.92 in.
The East Coast of America is getting soaked, and the West is dry as a bone.

There were a few drops of rain today— just a few drops. So I went out and watered the shrubs and flowerbeds at the front of my house. (I don’t water the lawn. It will green up again when the rain starts).
‘I like your new ride’ said my neighbor, when he saw me. ‘Oh yes, I love it’, I said, thinking he referred to my new car. ‘No, no, this one’, he said, pointing to the LINK scooter that someone had left in front of my house.
‘Oh THAT – I’m not touching the scooter’, I said. ‘Riding it can only be trouble’.

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